Week’s bedtime story chapter by chapter …

Welcome to the week’s bedtime story of Seb and Polly Planet on their Ocean Quest.

We have read the book for you, chapter by chapter. So you can either enjoying watching or if you have the book read along.

If you would like to order a copy of the book to read along you can at the shop here.

Each chapter is on its own YouTube film. Starting with chapter one. Scroll down to get to the later chapters.

Each chapter has its own activity sheet. They are packed with ideas and activities you can do at home. The have been compiled with an early years teacher, as well as fun many of the activities also fit into the national curriculum.

Simply download them on the link after each chapter.

Enjoy and let your friends know!

Scroll down for the chapter, starting with chapter one. 

We conclude the book with chapter five. Who will visit Seb this evening?

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