The Author

I’m a professional photographer, mini film maker and surfer. I learned first-hand the devastating effects of plastic pollution in 2008 after a beach clean when I was living in Portugal.

That same evening I watched a graphic video of animals entangled in plastic so decided that I HAD to take positive action.  The very next  day, I started refusing single-use plastic, inspiring others to do the same.

Eleven years later, having dedicated my life to my this passion, I’ve come a long way since I mobilised that small community in Portugal.

  • I’ve appeared on BBC radio, national television
  • Given countless public speeches
  • Taken part in panel debates on environmental issues
  • Had images published in most of the UK press
  • Helped all sorts of people reduce their plastics, from individuals and businesses to national companies, including TGI Friday UK, which removed their 700,000 plastic straws a week after I discussed them with their CEO.
  • I’ve also taken my work into schools and children’s festivals to help educate the next generation.
Bespoke costume created by Janet Tinker Taylor.

I was one of the founding members of the multi-award- winning City to Sea.

Starting in 2015 as one of four and was the Creative Director between 2016-2019. Creating award winning videos that have gone viral, as well as events creator and co-ordinator and training the trainer. Wearing many a costume, and sometimes taking my clothes off. All in the name of preventing plastic pollution!

I finished being a permanent member of staff with them in February 2020.

Introduction for the week’s bedtime reading series.

I am available for book readings, talks, panel debates and podcasts.
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I’m an ‘Essex girl’ living in the Victorian seaside town of Weston- Super-Mare.