The Author

I’m a professional photographer and surfer and learned first-hand the devastating effects of plastic pollution after initiating a beach clean when I was living in Portugal  in 2008. That same evening I watched a graphic video of animals entangled in plastic so decided that I HAD to take positive action.  The very next  day, I started refusing single-use plastic, inspiring others to do the same.

Eleven years later, having dedicated my life to my this passion, I’ve come a long way since I mobilised that small community in Portugal. I’ve appeared on BBC radio, national television, given countless public speeches and taken part in panel debates on environmental issues. I’ve helped all sorts of people reduce their plastics, from individuals and businesses to national companies, including TGI Friday UK, which removed their plastic straws after I discussed them with their CEO. I’ve also taken my work into schools and children’s festivals to help educate the next generation and have been working at the multi-award- winning City to Sea since 2015 where I was one of the original team of four and the Creative Director between 2016-2019.

I’m an ‘Essex girl’ living in the Victorian seaside town of Weston- Super-Mare.

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